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Disaster Relief

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Omron Foundation provides support for those whose lives have been affected by natural disasters. OFI has made financial donations to emergency relief and disaster recovery efforts of the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army for recent tragic and destructive natural disasters including: the earthquake in China and Hurricane Ike in Houston in 2008, the earthquakes in Haiti and Chili in 2010, the mudslides in Brazil, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the tornadoes in northern Alabama, and vast floods in Thailand in 2011, as well as far reaching Hurricane Sandy along the northeastern coast in 2012.

OFI has also matched several thousands of dollars of employee contributions to disaster relief funds.

Supported Organizations

Contribution Overview

Natural Disaster EventRecipientDate
North Central Illinois TornadosDekalb County Community Foundation &
Rochelle Area Community Foundation
May 2015
Midwest TornadosMidwest Food BankNovember 2013
Typhoon HaiyanWorld Food ProgramNovember 2013
Oklahoma TornadoOklahoma Regional Food BankMay 2013
Hurricane SandyAmerican Red CrossNovember 2012
Thailand Flood American Red CrossNovember 2011
Alabama Tornado American Red CrossMay 2011
Japan Tsunami American Red CrossMarch 2011
Brazil Mud Slide Salvation ArmyJanuary 2011
Chile Earthquake American Red CrossMarch 2010
Haiti Earthquake American Red CrossJanuary 2010
Hurricane Ike Gulf Coast Ike Relief FundSeptember 2008
China EarthquakeRed Cross Society of ChinaJune 2008